A surreal arts movement which relishes the sheer joy of energetic music, pictures and poetry. A celebration of life and the zaniness of this small world and the wonder of the slightly larger universe. If you enjoy this, then the surreal world of Geoff Morgan can be explored further. He is presently performing with Paul Sullivan in the band Pianozouki and is exploring other forms of music comedy with his act "Morgatrone". Skivoogle aims to make people laugh and wonder at the same time. Enjoy the freebees on offer in this hive of entertainment - there's going to be a real buzz!

Enjoy the Hackney Bohemian Library of Arts and Music

Morgan's other band Bon Bon Kaotikai will be performing at the Lido Love Event from 7 pm on Saturday 28 January 2012 London Field's Lido Hackney E8.

Mike Limmer will be doing his scorching stuff on the bass and the Morgatrone will be throwing his accordion around the pool area with Tansay banging away on those drums and Sullivan zoukying those strings and vocal chords. Sylvia Hallett on violin and other insturments, will be making a real splash of it all around the pool

Click here to listen to Bon Bon kaotikai on Myspace.

Skivoogle= Skive and google (sort of having fun with your time)

Scriboodle=scribbling and doodling (sort of creative writing)


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